results driven exercise plan
This really is the thing to remember if you want those results!  Whether it is weight loss, a stronger core or back care, whatever it is,  when it comes to exercise consistency really is key.  I’m sure many of you reading this email have made new year resolutions or are hoping to make this year the year of the ‘new you’ and that’s great, we all need goals and challenges.  But have you made yourself a realistic plan to achieve what you desire?  I’m talking about working towards these goals week in week out.  Have you been realistic about the time of day you can physically get to a class or the gym or the frequency of your training sessions?  By being realistic you are giving yourself the best possible chance to achieve results and maintain these results.

According to social media, the day that most people give up their new fitness regime has already gone!!! This demonstrates that often these new fitness regimes last less than two weeks!! Give yourself the best possible chance by working out how many times a week you can exercise and then put those times in your diary.  Yes, they should be in there, they are important to you.  Don’t get me wrong I understand that often life does just get in the way but ask yourself do you really need to miss your class or are you actually just making an excuse?  Yes, you can make excuses but in the end, only you are accountable.

So decide what you want to achieve and then make a plan to succeed.  A plan that fits into your lifestyle EVERY week, not just for the first two weeks of January.  When it becomes a lifestyle change that is when you start to see results.  A plan that you are confident will work for you in March and April as well as January.  Make a plan, stick with it and achieve!!!

Looking forward to seeing you this week.

Love Charlotte xxx

pilates for bad back

I hope you are all keeping well.

“This is magic” these were the words spoken to me this morning from a lady after my first Pilates class of the day.  Of course, I know this, but every so often it’s great to be reminded. As some of you know my own Pilates journey started with a bad back in the form of sciatica and fairly rapidly my pain began to subside.

Eight years on I realise that Pilates magic runs even deeper, giving participants confidence, well being and better posture ( just to name a few!).  I am hugely lucky in my job to see people progress every day in so many different ways.  I also PT a lady with Parkinson’s disease and the change in her posture, mobility and state of mind before and after the session astounds me every week.  It always feels as if everything switches on and wakes up.

Whilst I appreciate it is very easy for me to tell you that Pilates is magic, it’s what I do for a living but believe me and the very lovely lady from this morning… it’s true.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Love Charlotte xxx


“Charlotte’s classes are wonderful, leaving you feeling strong and renewed. Regular Pilates has relieved long term back pain as well as improving my strength and flexibility. It’s always a pleasure to see Charlotte each week!”

“Charlotte is simply the best! I was never in to anything like exercising and she managed since day one to make me love Pilates! Her gently approach to all abilities and strengths is her power and I cannot thank her enough for this!”

“I don’t know why Charlotte’s fitness yoga class is so satisfying, but as someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy exercise, I look forward to her class every week, and every week I feel better for it. Charlotte is friendly and approachable, and her yoga directions are clear. I’ve attended other yoga classes over the years and have found them too slow and boring or beyond my capabilities and it’s left me feeling inadequate. Charlotte’s class however is ‘stretching’ without being intimidating and the whole experience is positive”

“I started Charlotte’s classes in January 2018 and to say it was one of the best decisions I have made is an understatement. Charlotte is a fantastic instructor totally dedicated to her work. Yoga (and Pilates) are a great alternative to the traditional gym. Not only do I feel great physically after a session but also mentally which is so important for all of us during these uncertain times we have been living in”

“I love Charlotte’s style of teaching yoga and Pilates. I always feel energised and ready to take on the day after a morning class”

“Charlotte is the best. Her classes are for everybody regardless of fitness and always a good laugh”

“Since starting Charlotte’s classes three years ago, my body shape has changed and my core strength and my back are stronger. Charlotte’s classes are also fun, very well prepared with great music!!!! Highly recommended!!!!!”

“Just perfect classes so encouraging and excellent teaching”

“Charlotte’s approach to Pilates and Yoga is definitely to be recommended. Charlotte’s classes are relaxed, cheerful and encouraging, and you brilliantly leave the class with more energy than when you arrived!!”

“Fantastic fitness yoga with Charlotte this morning. Highly recommended for a motivational and professional instructor. Can’t wait for the next class!”

“Charlotte is a truly inspirational teacher who is so friendly and welcoming. The classes have a great vibe, the music is fabulous and the relaxation at the end is just the best…”

“Brilliant. Love my Tuesday evenings at the Rosebird. Best Pilates class I’ve been to!”

“The energy that Charlotte brings to her classes you can only experience should you attend either her Pilates or Yoga. Should you be lucky enough to get into one of her combat or HIIT classes you will experience an exhilarating feeling afterwards. Make no bones about it this instructor is five star all the way”

“Just had a taster of Power Pilates with Charlotte and it was AMAZING… can’t wait until next Wednesday to do a full class”

“Charlotte’s classes are truly excellent. Her Pilates classes are full of great content and always leave me feeling great, more flexible and really motivated. HIIT and toning classes are very energetic, lots of fun and you definitely get all those muscles working. You certainly feel like you’ve had a great work out. Charlotte makes working out/exercise fun and her classes just fly by. She has my highest recommendation.”

“All Charlotte’s classes are fantastic, they leave you feeling energised and happy! She always gives 100% and makes everyone feel special, even when she’s teaching from home! Thanks for keeping me vaguely sane at this mad time! Can’t wait to join you in your new classes”

“Charlotte’s positivity and enthusiasm are always fantastic but she has excelled herself during lockdown by adapting quickly to offer motivational Yoga, Pilates, Toning and HIIT classes online. Her classes give you a real boost, cater for all abilities but also challenge you to go further if you want to. She has kept us all going and kept our achy shoulders, backs and necks at bay during lockdown”

“Charlotte’s workouts are clear and easy to follow across the board. I particularly love her Power Pilates; really good strong Pilates and her yoga flow coupled with an excellent relaxation at the end. Highly recommended”

“I have been doing Pilates and Yoga with Charlotte for 18 months and enjoy the classes very much. Charlotte keeps a careful eye on you during the class to make sure that you are not going to hurt yourself. She refreshes the content of the classes all the time so it is never dull. She is professional, but also friendly and fun. I happily recommend her classes”

“I took Charlotte’s classes for a year and unfortunately had to stop due to work commitments, but no other exercise seemed to work for me the way her classes did. Since being able to rejoin I’ve felt fab! Not only a great fitness teacher but a super friendly, lovely person too”

“Taking part in Charlotte’s classes is fun and inspirational. Charlotte has the loveliest manner and it doesn’t matter what level you are at you feel engaged throughout the classes. They are fun and relaxed whilst focusing on improving our fitness levels. Loving the online classes and can’t wait to join others when the lockdown is over. Thank you, Charlotte for keeping us sane and engaged with each other”


Pilates Instructor Stratford upon Avon


Pilates Instructor Stratford upon Avon